• Premises Liability Tips for Colder Months

    premises liabilityWith winter coming, getting your premises ready for the cold months is imperative to avoid issues with premises liability. Between the weather ailments and the coldness of roadways and sidewalks, having incidents and accidents are more common as the temperatures drop. If you own a property, this means your duty of care to passersby and visitors becomes more crucial. In fact, you will have to pay much more attention to your premises than throughout the rest of the year.

    This is because the colder weather is less forgiving. If it snows four-inches and stays cold, that snow will turn to ice or stay as snow. Even as it melts, slip and fall accidents could occur. With a few considerations, making these adjustments for winter preparedness doesn’t have to be a burden.

    Hazards Caused by Weather

    The weather in winter can be the roughest part. The most common cause of injury is slip and fall accidents. The simplest way to avoid these injuries is to stay on top of maintenance. Be sure walkways are cleared of all snow and ice prior to visitors. If you are a business owner, be sure this happens well before opening the location, preferably before employees arrive. Salting walkways before the snow comes can be helpful during those times.

    However, slipping and falling isn’t the only weather-related risk. Debris and icicles falling from rooftops can cause serious injury. Even when someone is not struck by the falling object, it can create a hazard when walking. Getting professionals in to remove all potential falling objects from rooftops can prevent accidents before they happen. Fires can also happen during the winter due to heat sources having flammable and combustible materials near, which includes wires and power cords.

    General Maintenance

    Of course, general maintenance also cannot go by the wayside just because you are focusing on winter-related hazards. Be sure your team is staying on top of the maintenance you normal have such as cleaning floors, placing wet floor signs after mopping, providing adequate lighting, and other safety inspections.

    If you are being accused of being negligent, contact our team today. We have years of experience working with premises liability and will work to protect your rights as a property owner.

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