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  • Nov
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    Posted by: Jarve Kaplan Granato Starr

    How to Get the Most Out of a Large Injury Settlement

    When you’ve suffered a personal injury, your first thought and focus should always be on getting better: after all, nothing is more important than your recovery and the restoration of your health. But after the dust has settled and you have a clear picture of the impact that your injury has had (and will have) on your life, you need to be clear-eyed in your…

  • Oct
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    Posted by: Jarve Kaplan Granato Starr

    Can A Pain Management Doctor Be Held Liable For Contributing To An Opioid Addiction?

    Opioid addiction has reached epidemic proportions in the United States. In attempting to put a stop to this deadly problem, it is common to look for someone to blame. Many questions have been raised about the liability of the drug manufacturers, and there are class action lawsuits being filed against many of them. But others are asking whether the individual physicians who write pain management…

  • Can A Doctor Be Sued for Recommending Alternative Medicine Over Traditional Medicine?

    If a physician has made a recommendation about the use of alternative medicine rather than traditional medicine, it would represent a significant departure from the use of evidence-based standards that the rest of the medical community adheres to. That is one of the key tenets of a medical malpractice case, which generally relies on four separate elements. Those are: A professional duty owed to the…

  • What Are The Most Commonly Misdiagnosed Types Of Cancer?

    The idea that a physician might misdiagnose cancer is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine, but unfortunately, cancer misdiagnosis happens all too frequently. Not only are patients told that they don’t have cancer when they do and vice versa, but they are also given incorrect information about the stage of their cancer. Both of these mistakes can have dire consequences. Treatment of undiagnosed cancer…

  • Who is Liable for Faulty Playground Equipment?

    As parents, we view playgrounds as a gift to our children: whether we take them there on our own or they’re provided at school or day care, they provide our children with a great way to burn off extra energy, get some exercise and fresh air, and get away from screens and toys. Because these facilities are happy places, when a child is hurt on…

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